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Download Online Videos on iPhones and iPads with SnapTube


SnapTube is one of the most useful apps that Android users can get their hands on. This app can download online videos, free music and even podcasts which makes it a “must-have” app for people who enjoy getting all their entertainment on their smartphones.

Despite being a highly popular app in the Android community, SnapTube’s services have now arrived on iOS as well. This means that iPhone and iPad users can finally download all the online videos that they want. With that said, today we want to go over the top three features that SnapTube brings to iPhones and iPads.

Most Useful SnapTube Features:

#1 Watch Online Videos while Offline

We are going to kick things off with the most important feature that SnapTube has to offer, its ability to download online videos. This feature is what made SnapTube so popular in the Android community and it now makes it possible for iOS fans to download every online video that they want when they are connected to a secure Wi-Fi network and then watch it while offline.

#2 Free Music

As we all know, Apple’s iOS is restricted from interacting with a multitude of apps. For example, the only way for iPhone and iPad users to listen to music is to create a paid account on music streaming platforms. Luckily, this is not the case anymore. SnapTube is equipped with a built-in MP3 converter that can take any music video from the web and transform it into a simple song.

#3 Super Fast!

Taking into account the fact that SnapTube has been developed for the sole purpose of downloading entertaining videos and music so that people can watch or listen to them while offline, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that the developers of the app have made it their top priority to optimize SnapTube’s software to the point that it can download online content in a matter of seconds.