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VidMate for iPhones and iPads – Top Three Features


VidMate is a highly popular app that has made its name in the Android community by giving users access to all the tools that they need in order to download online videos. Considering the fact that there are tens of apps and websites where thousands of online videos are being uploaded daily, this makes VidMate an endless source of content.

Nonetheless, iPhone and iPad users noticed how awesome VidMate is and they tried to get their hands on it through Android Emulators and other types of software. Fortunately, this is not necessary anymore since the developers of the app have decided to also roll out a special version of the video downloader that works on iOS. With that said, today we are going to present the top three features that VidMate brings to iPhones and iPads.

Top Three Features

  • Watch Online Videos while Offline

The first and most important feature that VidMate brings to iPhones and iPads is the ability to download online videos. As previously mentioned, this is the feature that made VidMate famous and also why so many iPhone and iPad users are installing it on their devices.

  • Download Free Music

Even though VidMate is primarily known for downloading online videos from virtually every website and app that streams online content, VidMate can do much more than that. For example, VidMate is the ideal app for people who enjoy listening to music in their headphones because the app can also download free music.

  • Multiple Video Quality Options

What’s great about VidMate is that this app gives users the option to choose between multiple video qualities starting with 240p and ending with full HD 1080p. The reason why this feature is so important is because iPhone or iPad users who don’t have too much free internal storage space can download online videos in lower resolution quality in order to save up space.