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Dragon Ball: Super: Super Hero Hits Astonishing Box Office Numbers

Credit: Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero

It has only been 10 days since the Japanese version of ‘Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero’ was released in cinemas there. Toei Animation can already brag about the tremendous financial milestone that the new picture has attained, and although it was partially anticipated, it is nevertheless a cause for celebration for the studio.

“Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero” has earned more than one billion yen at the movie office so far.
The latest Dragon Ball movie reportedly broke the astonishing box office record of one billion yen in its first weekend of release, as reported by comicbook.com. To be more specific, 1.08 billion, which is approximately comparable to the value of $8 million.

The plot

Both Gohan and Piccolo get the star treatment in “Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero,” which is a formula that has been neglected for a significant portion of the Dragon Ball franchise. Without the assistance of the much-loved characters Goku and Vegeta, Goku’s kid and the very first person to train him are forced to take on the most formidable adversary on their own. After putting his training on hold in order to focus on his schoolwork, Gohan will need to reawaken the vast latent abilities he has and remove his spectacles. Piccolo is probably the only one who will be able to inspire him enough during the procedure.

Meanwhile, Broly and Whis are keeping Goku and Vegeta occupied with their training. That is, without a doubt, an excellent choice, taking into consideration the fact that Broly shown in the prior film titled “Dragon Ball Super: Broly,” which was released in 2018, that he is just nearly as powerful as Gogeta, which is the fusion form of Goku and Vegeta.

There is little doubt that there is more information to be learned regarding Goku and Vegeta being sidelined for the key bouts in the new movie, but it is likely that all of us will find out when the show is made accessible in cinemas in our own countries.

In anticipation of the release of the film ‘Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero’ in cinemas throughout the United States and Canada in August, fans of the long-running series have the choice to continue reading the Dragon Ball Super manga or watch the Super Dragon Ball Heroes anime in the meantime.