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Samsung CEO Promises Galaxy S10 and Galaxy F Will Become Bestsellers


Even though Samsung’s latest Galaxy S9 and Galaxy Note 9 are two of the world’s most powerful smartphones, they didn’t do that well on the market. This doesn’t mean that Galaxy S9 and Galaxy Note 9 are not great smartphones, just that they are not that innovative when compared to previous models and Samsung fans don’t have a good reason to upgrade their daily carriers. The fact that Samsung is losing money has forced the company’s CEO, DJ Koh, to release a corporate message for all executives in which he promises that everything will be better in 2019.

Samsung CEO Promises a Better Year for Shareholders

Samsung announced that it earned a whopping 2.2 trillion won which converts to $1.95 billion for the third quarter of 2018. While that massive number might make it seem like 2018 was a great year for Samsung, this is not the case. The $1.95 billion in profit that Samsung made is actually 30% less when compared to the previous year.

With that said, no one should be shocked to find out that CEO DJ Koh sent out the following message to all shareholders and executives: “sorry about the currently struggling status of the Samsung smartphone business and will do my best to overcome the crisis with the upcoming Galaxy S10 and foldable phones”.

Galaxy S10 and Galaxy F Need to Become Bestsellers

From the looks of it, Samsung is banking everything it has on the next-generation Galaxy S10 and Galaxy F. The two upcoming smartphones need to earn the title of “bestsellers” if Samsung wants to continue its operation in the smartphone industry.

However, we think it’s safe to say that Galaxy S10 will be a success since a previous leak revealed that this smartphone will ship with an innovative design that puts the likes of iPhone XS Max to shame.