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God of War Ragnarök: Check Out the Story Trailer

Credit: Sony

We’re only two months away until God of War Ragnarök will arrive on the gaming scene for PlayStation consoles. Judging by the information we have now, the next game in the beloved God of War series won’t be available for any other platforms.

The Nine Realms are in danger as Ragnarök becomes more and more prevalent. The game needs a true warrior to deal with the awful situation. Kratos and Atreus will play very important roles, and you can certainly learn more about the upcoming God of War Ragnarök game by watching the new story trailer:

The previous God of War game was a highly-praised one, and there’s no wonder how it was able to win the ‘Game of the Year’ award back in 2018. It was thanks to the Game Awards event that the last God of War game was awarded. Therefore, the developers have a lot of work to do with the upcoming God of War Ragnarök, as the fans clearly want more.

During the same 2018 Game Awards event, another highly popular game known as Red Dead Redemption won four titles. This latter game wasn’t good enough to dethrone God of War, unfortunately, or not.

We have all the reasons to expect God of War Ragnarök to be a great game, and you’ve probably expected it considering that the title will be available for the current-gen PS5 console. Back in July, our publication even shared the news that God of War Ragnarök will be equipped with 4K and 4K Dynamic resolution.

In the end, those who prefer their gaming on Xbox and Switch consoles, or PCs, shouldn’t lose hope if they also wish to play the upcoming God of War game. A lot of changes occur in the gaming world, and you can never fully predict the future in this area.