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God of War: Ragnarök Release Date Set To November?

Credit: Sony

God of War: Ragnarök , Sony’s most anticipated future game, is expected to be released in November, according to reports. At least that’s what Bloomberg says, which also mentions that the game could still be delayed. Ragnarok was previously rumored to be delayed until 2023, but for the time being, the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 versions of the game will be released this fall.

There’s been speculation that Ragnarök will be released well before end of June, according to Bloomberg, but nothing has been confirmed and the launch date might still move beyond November. At one point, it was slated to arrive in theaters in September, but that was then moved out to November.

In Korea, Ragnarök was given a “release date” rating in May, indicating that it would be available soon. The release date of Ragnarok has not yet been announced by Sony therefore this information should be treated with a grain of salt until Sony confirms it.

Originally scheduled for release in 2021, God of War: Ragnarök was postponed due to an injury sustained by Kratos actor Christopher Judge. Microsoft and Bethesda’s Starfield has been postponed until 2023, so Sony and Microsoft’s PS4 and PS5 games will face less rivalry this year in the first-party race.

The game’s animation director confirmed earlier this year that Ragnarok stays on track to launch in 2022, contrary to popular belief, which holds that Ragnarök will be postponed until 2023. Early this year, Ragnarök developer Cory Barlog provided a status report in which he stated that everyone on his team is hard at work on the game.

Sony Interactive Entertainment will release Santa Monica Studio’s God of War Ragnarök, a forthcoming action-adventure game. Sony has set a delivery date of 2022 for both the PS4 and PS5.

The premise

Three years after the events of the previous game, Ragnarök is nearing its end after a harsh winter that lasted three summers. Atreus and his father Kratos embark on a trip through the nine realms in search of clues to Atreus’ true identity as Loki in order to avoid the doomsday event known as Ragnarök. Until recently, the Norse God of War Tr was thought to be extinct. They’ll find him if they keep going. Among their most formidable adversaries will be the Norse God of Thunder, Thor, and Freya, his former ally turned foe following the murder of her son Baldur.