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Google Chrome 74 is Rolling Out Today – Here’s How to Enable the Dark Mode


The latest trend when it comes to app updates is the famous Dark Mode. Nearly all the popular apps have been getting a Dark Mode during this past couple of months and now, Google Chrome is getting it too. Chrome 74 has started rolling out today (April 24th) for Windows, Mac and Linux and one of the most interesting features that it brings is the previously mentioned Dark Mode.

The cool thing about the new Chrome 74 release is that the Dark Mode will automatically theme itself in case Windows 10 users have already enabled Dark Mode for their PCs. However, if this is the first that you are reading about the Dark Mode coming to Google Chrome and you have no idea how to enable it, then you don’t need to worry about it since we are going to present a short guide.

How to Enable the Dark Mode

The first step that users need to make is to find the Google Chrome shortcut on the desktop and then open the properties menu. Now, add “—force-dark-mode” at the end of the target location (make sure to remove the quotes). All that is left to do now is to launch Google Chrome normally and the Dark Mode is going to be enabled.

The Benefits of the Dark Mode

Even though the biggest benefit that the Dark Mode brings to apps is the fact that it makes them look sleeker, this is not the only one. The Dark Mode is also going to make apps such as Google Chrome easier on the eyes of users.

Since the Dark Mode doesn’t display full brightness, then it should come as no surprise that this special theme also lowers the overall amount of battery power that Google Chrome uses.