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Google Sheets APK Brings Improvements

Credit: Pixabay.com

Google Sheets allows users to put their creativity to work anywhere and anytime. You can even use the app if you lack an internet connection, which is a strong reason to consider Google Sheets as a very handy tool. You can edit multiple file types, share them, or even work along with a friend.

Google Sheets is now getting the update in the form of an APK bundle, and you are free to grab it via APKMirror for free if your device runs on at least Android 7! Published today, July 25, the APK has already been downloaded a few times by other users.

What’s new

Google Sheets brings some nice improvements to the app’s performance. Bugs frequently occur in apps, and there’s pretty much no such thing as perfection in this area. It’s also the case for Google Sheets, but we’re expecting that the new update has gotten rid of all of them. Some bug fixes surely arrived, though!

Here are a few important operations that you can do with Google Sheets:

  • Create new spreadsheets
  • Edit files
  • Take advantage of smart suggestions to apply formatting
  • Share and collaborate in the same spreadsheet
  • Add and give your replies to comments
  • Play around with cells as you like: format, enter data, sort data, insert formulas, view charts, find/replace, etc.

Google Workspace has Google Sheets integrated, which means that it shall be enough to have a subscription for the former to benefit from the extra features of Sheets.

With Google Sheets, there’s no even use remembering where the ‘save’ button is placed. All your work will be saved automatically as you type. In this way, you’ll also be sure that you never forget to save your progress as well.

Feel free to tell us in a comment below what you think about the new APK update for Google Sheets!