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How to Set Up A Twitch TV Account

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Twitch.tv is one of the most exciting platforms for gamers, as that’s the place where they can take notes from other people’s gameplay. Twitch focuses on live or on-demand gameplay footage for pretty much any game that you might have heard about.

Figuring out how to set up a Twitch account can be a bit tricky if you haven’t done it before, but we’re here to help. Activating your Twitch account in order to enjoy the service on consoles or smartphones is mandatory.

Sign up for Twitch TV first!

In order to sign up for Twitch TV, you need to follow a few steps:

  1. Check Twitch TV.
  2. Select the Sign-Up link to create a new account
  3. Enter your desired credentials.
  4. You can choose to receive an email or be called by the system to receive a special code.
  5. Hit ‘Sign Up’ when you’re ready.
  6. You’re done. Congrats!

Now comes the hardest part of setting up a Twitch TV account. It shouldn’t take long, so there’s no need to worry!

  1. Grab your smartphone and start the Twitch app.
  2.  Sign in using your credentials to access the Twitch channel.
  3. You will be asked to enter an activation code.
  4. Access twitch.tv/activate to log in from a web browser.
  5. Connect the Twitch account to your device and enter the code that has been provided.
  6. Hit the ‘Activate’ option.
  7. That’s all. Enjoy!

Twitch remains a very popular platform, as every day, it features more than 62 million hours of streams. We’re talking about what is probably the most popular streaming platform in the world.

Of course, live streaming is a lot more authentic compared to most videos that you can see on YouTube, for instance. When it comes to live streaming, the experience between the streamer and the public is a lot more ‘real’.

Amazon acquired Twitch 8 years ago for $970 million.