Home Games Roblox Blox Fruits: Beli and EXP Boosts Codes (November 2022)

Roblox Blox Fruits: Beli and EXP Boosts Codes (November 2022)

Credit: Blox Fruit

Blox Fruits, a game available on Roblox, is based on the iconic anime series One Piece, and gives players the option to go on a seafaring journey. Devil Fruits can be found and consumed by players to get special abilities that are consistent with the rules of the One Piece universe.

Our compiled list of Blox Fruits codes can help you receive free beli, a xp bonus, and even a stat reset occasionally. Each of these is crucial to your experience with Blox Fruit. The vast majority of these codes will grant you a timed x2 experience increase, allowing you to rise through the ranks and into the Grand Line that much quicker.


  1. ADMINGIVEAWAY—  20 minutes of 2x EXP Boost
  2. Axiore—   20 Minutes of 2x Experience
  3. BIGNEWS—  an in-game title
  4. Bluxxy —  a Boost
  5. Enyu_is_Pro—  2x EXP Boost
  6. fudd10_v2—  2 Beli
  7. FUDD10—   $1
  8. GAMERROBOT_YT—  2x EXP Boost
  9. JCWK—  2x EXP Boost
  10. kittgaming—  20 minutes of 2x EXP Boost
  11. Magicbus—  2x EXP Boost
  12. Starcodeheo—  2x EXP Boost
  13. StrawHatMaine—  20 minutes of 2x Experience
  14. Sub2Daigrock—  15 Minutes of 2x Experience
  15. Sub2Fer999—  2x EXP Boost
  16. SUB2GAMERROBOT_EXP1—  30 Minutes of 2x Experience
  17. SUB2GAMERROBOT_RESET1—  a free Stat Reset
  18. SUB2NOOBMASTER123—  15 Minutes of 2x Experience
  19. Sub2OfficialNoobie—  20 Minutes of 2x Experience
  20. Sub2UncleKizaru—  a Stat Refund
  21. SUBGAMERROBOT_RESET—  a free Stat Reset
  22. TantaiGaming—  15 Minutes of 2x Experience
  23. THEGREATACE—  20 Minutes of 2x Experience
  • Look for the blue Twitter icon to activate your code redemption in Blox Fruits. An alert window will appear once you do this.
  • To use a code, select “Codes: @BloxFruits” and enter it into the box that appears.
  • When you’ve typed it in correctly, click the Try button to see if you’ve won. The aforementioned benefits are yours so long as the codes are valid and inputted properly.
Why do we use Blox Fruit codes,?

Free beli, experience increases, and profile resets are the three main benefits of using Blox Fruits codes. Most Roblox Blox Fruits events provide a double experience boost, which is a great way to swiftly level up, especially if you’re starting out at a lower level. To maximize the benefits of employing codes, it is best to wait until you have a firm grasp of the game’s mechanics. Spend some time learning the basics of Roblox Blox Fruits so that you don’t waste your precious time-limited Roblox experience boosters trying to figure out how to play the game.