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Improvements That Will Make The Sims 5 Stand Out From The Previous Game

Credit: Electronic Arts

All through the life cycle of the most recent version, there has been a great deal of people within the Sims community that have been let down. After playing through The Sims 3, everyone had an expectation of what The Sims 4 would be like. It was widely believed that it would be an improvement over the games that came before it in the series, and many people were looking forward to playing it. We were anticipating improved gaming mechanics and a more engaging experience. Unfortuitously, it is not actually what we received in the end.

It would be fantastic to see the next iteration include some game-changing traits that would break the game out of this slump, and it would be wonderful to see those game-changing features included.

The “fall” of The Sims 4 was mostly caused by a big number of missing mainstays; lots of items that had previously been available in the previous games for well over a decade. It doesn’t seem logical as to why important aspects that we’d come to know and appreciate would be omitted from the most recent installment of the game we’ve been playing. The fanbase seems to be disregarded an increasing amount more with each new expansion pack that is made available. The Sims 4 fell short in a number of areas that we hope will be addressed in The Sims 5, including the following features.

  • Babies improvements

The infants in the fourth game are items that may be quite unpleasant. To tell you the truth, they don’t really vary that much from the infants in the very first game. Why are we falling more and further behind? Even the infants in The Sims 2 had a more realistic feel to them. At least we were able to navigate the environment with them. Whenever you want to engage with your Sim’s baby in The Sims 4, you have to go to their crib first. When you do connect with them, the only things you are able to do for them are to feed them, change their diaper, and cuddle with them.

  • Open world

The next game could feature fewer loading screens than The Sims 4, even if it doesn’t offer an entirely open environment as the previous one did. The Sims 4 is broken up into a number of different worlds, each of which has a number of smaller, independent communities. I’ve never really understood why, at the very least, the windows in these communities are covered with screens. When you want to go to the residence of someone who lives right next to you, you have to go through a loading screen first. That seems like a lot of unnecessary work. Either the fifth game should have a world that is completely open, like The Sims 3, or you should be able to wander from one part of a world to another without being interrupted by loading screens. It is the only explanation.

  • Characters with personality

I believe we can all admit that the Sims in the fourth game is not nearly as interesting as those in the earlier games in the series. If we are given more room to develop characters in the following chapter, we will have a better chance of turning the series around. In the past, our virtual characters were able to have zodiac signs, turn-ons and turn-offs, five attributes as opposed to three, and many more! Now, unless you’re very adept at utilizing your imagination, our personalities can start to run together pretty quickly.

Create-a-Sim in The Sims 5 needs to have a more robust framework for customizing characters’ personalities. It is important that our simulated people have the opportunity to stand out from the crowd in a significant way. Giving us the option to choose five characteristics for our characters rather than three would be a significant step in the right direction.