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Instagram Stories are Getting Major Changes Including a Refreshed User Interface


Instagram is constantly improving and this is why millions of people have moved over from Facebook. Not just that, but Facebook has had its fair share of problems regarding user privacy and therefore, Instagram’s popularity is on the rise. We should mention that Instagram is also making it possible for people to become “models” and to make a living out of getting thousands of followers and then advertising products for them.

From the looks of it, it seems like the developers who are in charge of Instagram know that they need to do their best in order to keep “Instagram models” around and they have announced that major changes are coming for the famed Stories feature. These changes are going to make it easier for everyone to sell products by tagging them.

Upcoming “Stories’ Changes

The first new feature that Stories is going to receive is a Donation Sticker. As the feature’s name implies, this is making it possible for Instagram users to ask their followers base to donate money to an organization that they like. Instagram announced that 100% of the proceeds will go to the named organization.

New User Interface

One of the most important changes that Instagram’s upcoming update will bring is a refreshed UI (user interface) for the camera app. This includes change for Boomerang, text fonts, and all other adornments that the camera app features.

Tagging Brands

The last thing that we want to note is that Instagram users will be able to tag brands in their Stories. Therefore, people who make a living by selling products on Instagram will find it easier to advertise their products and the brands that they have teamed up with. Users will be able to simply tap on a product that they see in a Story and Instagram will provide them with additional information such as the price for example.