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Instagram Users Can Now Verify Their Age With The Help Of A Video Selfie

Credit: Instagram

Meta-owned Instagram is trying new methods for verifying the age of its users. Instagram announced on June 23rd, 2022 that it is experimenting with new ways to validate the age of users on the network. When a user seeks to change their birth date on Instagram from under 18 to over 18, they’ll be required to use one of the three methods stated in the official blog post. These choices will be accessible initially in the United States and include showing their ID, taking a picture, or contacting a common friend to verify their age.

Here are the latest methods for verifying Instagram user age:

  1. In order to prove their age, users might opt to post a video. Should they pick this choice, they will be given information on how to proceed by way of their computer or mobile device. Instagram also states that it has worked with Yoti, an age estimation technology that uses facial expressions to determine a user’s age.
  2. Social Vouching: With this feature, individuals may enlist the help of their online networks to verify each other’s age. Because of this, the individual who is vouching must be at least 18. Users may choose up to three persons to vouch for them, and each of them will be asked to validate the users’ age by email.
  3. For quite some time, Instagram users have been allowed to upload their IDs this way. Instagram takes a photo of a user’s ID that includes their date of birth to determine their age.

Instagram’s new age verification tools are part of the company’s effort to deliver the best feasible service for users of all ages. When joining up for Instagram in 2019, Instagram started requiring users to provide their age. Since then, it’s been a necessity on the social media network. Instagram, on the other hand, only accepts users who are at least 13 years old. The criteria may be a little greater in certain nations than in others.

It’s still a good idea for Instagram to know a user’s age to make sure they don’t see improper stuff. In addition, juvenile users are given secret profiles, which stops them from interacting with adult users and enables Instagram to offer relevant adverts.