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iOS Google Chrome Receives Brand New Features

Credit: Deepanker Verma from Pixabay

A few new features are coming to Google Chrome for iOS that should make surfing a little more pleasant. Safe browsing has been improved, as with other features like autofill for password managers and Chrome Actions. Detailed information on the new capabilities that will be available in Chrome for iOS is available here.

Chrome for iOS has added new enhancements

  • Improves Chrome’s safe surfing for iOS users to safeguard them against phishing as well as other web-based risks. When Enhanced Safe Browsing is enabled on an iPhone or iPad, the browser will transmit data to Google Safe Browsing in advance to forecast and alert users. If your login and password have been stolen by someone else, Chrome will alert you.
  • To make the process of entering passwords even faster, customers may use Google Password Manager as their Autofill provider.
  • Users will be able to view information more efficiently using Chrome for iOS since it will show all of the recently opened tabs. As a bonus, users will be able to instantly start a new search and return to their most often visited websites. Initially, this function is only available on iOS devices, but it will be available on Android smartphones in the future.
  • Google utilizes an on-device machine learning technique to translate foreign web pages into the user’s chosen language for the website’s target audience.
  • For iOS users, Chrome Actions will allow them to do a wider range of tasks rapidly from the browser address bar. By entering a Chrome Action into the URL bar, such as “clear browsing data”, users may save time as soon as the capability is available.

Picture-in-picture mode is now available in Chrome for Google as well

Meets The business said they are delivering picture-in-picture to Google Meet on the web for Chrome browsers. Video tiles of meeting participants are shown as floating windows over other apps. Multitasking is made easier with this new function.

The ability to pin several video streams during a video conversation is another new feature that is available to users at the moment. Individuals and material may be combined in a variety of ways thanks to this new feature, making it possible for people to participate in meetings while still seeing the most essential video feeds. Additionally, Google said that the function does not have administrator control.