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iPhone XR Sold Better in the US than iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max


Multiple reports have shown that iPhone XR, Apple’s budget smartphone in 2018, didn’t do that well on the global market. Even though everyone expected iPhone XR to become a bestselling product because it looks just like iPhone XS while shipping with a considerably cheaper price tag, this wasn’t the case. iPhone XR sales were going so bad in Japan that Apple was forced to cut down the device’s price so that it could start moving more units.

Now, a new report from the Consumer Intelligence Research Partners or CIRP for short is showing us that iPhone XR has actually been quite successful, at least in the US market. This is a consumer research report that questioned 500 tech fans about what iPhone they purchased in 2018 and what was their opinion on Apple’s iPhone lineup for the last year.

iPhone XR is Actually Successful in the US

The report shows that despite being a flop in Asia and other European markets, iPhone XR was a success in the US. A whopping 39% of the 500 tech fans questioned by CIRP used an iPhone XR while iPhone XS and XS Max made up 26%. The report also reveals that the standard iPhone XS was the worst selling out of the three iPhones.

Cheap Price and Reliable Specs

The folks at CIRP report that the reason why iPhone XR had such a massive success in the US is because the device offered a cheap price tag and reliable hardware specs. Not only that, but iPhone XR looks just like iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max.

Wrapping Things Up…

Before we sign off, we need to mention that the report published by CIRP was made only with 500 tech fans. Therefore, those 500 people don’t represent the entire US market and they just give us an idea of how well Apple’s 2018 iPhones did.