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Moto Z4 Leak – Motorola is Bringing Modular Smartphones


The smartphone industry is dominated by giant tech companies such as Apple, Huawei and Samsung. Therefore, smaller companies have a difficult time launching successful smartphones because competing against the latest iPhone or Galaxy S flagship is no easy task. However, Motorola is not one to give up that easily and it wants to revolutionize the smartphone industry with its highly innovative modular smartphones.

Motorola has kept trying to push modular smartphones for this past couple of years. On the downside of things, modular smartphones didn’t sell that well because people don’t like the idea of having to keep purchasing accessories for their smartphones if they want to unlock their full potential. Therefore, everyone expected that Motorola to give up on modular smartphones but from the looks of it, this didn’t happen!

Motorola Moto Z4 Gets Leaked

A new leaked surfaced on the web and it shows us that Motorola is getting ready to launch a new modular device called Moto Z4. This smartphone will run on Google’s Android operating system and the copper contacts on the rear side confirm to us that Moto Z4 support different mods.

Highlight Features

Previous leaks have shown that Moto Z4 will be powered by Qualcomm’s octa-core Snapdragon 855 CPU. This is the most powerful mobile processor available on the market which shows us that Moto Z4 will hold the title of being a flagship smartphone. Moto Z4’s design looks great and it ships with tiny bezels and a “waterdrop” top notch. Moreover, the next-generation modular smartphone is reportedly going to feature a 48MP rear camera made by Sony.

Another interesting thing that we can see in the leaked picture is that Moto Z4 doesn’t feature a rear mounted fingerprint scanner. This leads us to believe that Moto Z4 will ship with an in-display fingerprint scanner.