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New PUBG Update Introduces “PUBG Report” to Find Twitch Highlights


PUBG is the world’s second most popular Battle Royale, sitting right behind Fortnite. The difference between PUBG and Fortnite being that PUBG offers a more realistic and action-packed gameplay experience that draws in people who want to test their skills against 99 enemies. Nonetheless, the reason why we are talking about PUBG today is because the game has received a new update which introduces an interesting feature.

Introducing: PUBG Report

The folks who are in charge of PUBG have announced today that the game is going to be equipped with a new feature called PUBG Report. This feature gives players the opportunity to search for their name and see if they appeared in the highlights of a Twitch streamer. As we all know, hundreds of people are streaming PUBG and it’s difficult to figure out if you ever appeared on one. Well, not anymore.

“PUBG Report will allow you to search an IGN to find Twitch streamers that either killed or were killed by that player. Just go to the website and type in an IGN to get a list of all of the kills that were broadcasted,” said PUBG in a recent blog post.

Twitch Streamers

This is a fun feature that is going to help small Twitch streamers get more views and the general PUBG player base find whenever they are being broadcasted. The cool part about this feature is that you never know you might get in a gun fight with a popular Twitch streamer and now you can find out all about it.

On the downside of things, this feature can also be used by internet trolls to find footage of when they manage to stream snipe a Twitch streamer and then make fun of him or her. Although, there are other similar third-party apps that work just like PUBG Report and it wouldn’t be the first time that this happens.

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  1. This is not accurate at all. Pubg had nothing to do with the creation of Pubg Report.

    • PUBG Report was created by PUBG API community developers with obviously, the help of PUBG’s API that uses official PUBG data. Thanks for pointing that out.

      • If that’s the case, then twitch had as much to do with Pubg Report as Pubg. 🙂

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