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New UC Browser Update Introduces Topsites and YouTube Search


Android smartphones get Google Chrome while iPhones get Safari. The two browsers are always compared against each other in order to see which one is the best, but this doesn’t mean that Android and iOS fans are forced to pick between the two. UC Browser is always a perfect alternative to Google Chrome and Safari because it ships with a plethora of features and a friendly UI (user interface) that makes mobile web surfing a pleasant experience.

UC Browser

Even though you might not have heard about UC Browser before, the app is highly popular in Asia. UC Browser holds the title of being the most downloaded mobile browser in China and India which speaks volumes about the premium features that it has to offer. In fact, UC Browser has been downloaded for more than 18 million times only on the official Google Play Store.

New APK Update

The reason why UC Browser is making headlines today is because it has just received a brand-new APK update. The update changes UC Browser’s version number to “” and it introduces two new features that fans are going to love.

New Features

The first feature that UC Browser fans are going to notice after installing the latest “” APK is that the homepage now features a “Topsites” option. This feature can be used by UC Browser fans to explore cool websites where they will find lots of interesting content that they can watch in their free time.

The second feature that this new update introduces is support for YouTube video search. This is a cool addition to the already impressive lineup of features that UC Browser has to offer. We should mention that the new feature makes it possible for UC Browser fans to search for their favorite YouTube videos directly through vocal commands.