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Pokemon Go 0.173.2 Update – New Raid Battles and Field Tasks for Android


There’s no better way to start the day other than to receive a major update for your favorite game. With that being said, we have some great news to share with Pokemon Go fans! Niantic has announced earlier this morning that a brand-new update that sports the 0.173.2 version number is now available to download by all Pokemon Go fans who are using Android-powered smartphones.

The update is rolling out via Niantic’s official over the air channels to the Android fan base, but we can be sure that the update will make its way over to iOS-powered devices during the upcoming future. Now, let’s go ahead and take a look at the “goodies” that the update brings.

Pokemon Go 0.173.2 Update

Since the new update is rolling out via over the air channels, then the only thing that Pokemon Go fans are required to do in order to access it is to keep their smartphones connected to a stable Wi-Fi network. Alternatively, the update can be manually downloaded and installed in the form of APK (Android Package Kit).

What’s New?

The new update focuses on enhancing the overall Pokemon Go experience in individual settings. Check out the patch notes below:

  • Access to nearby Raid Battles with Remote Raid Passes.
  • A bonus daily Field Research tasks, received without spinning a PokéStop.
  • The ability to power up Pokémon to the desired CP by using all the required Candies and Stardust at once.
  • The ability to extend the duration of Star Pieces, Lucky Eggs, and Incense by using several of the items at once.

As we can see in the patch notes, the update comes with lots of improvements that are introducing fresh and exciting content. Therefore, we are advising all Pokemon Go fans to download the update as soon as possible.