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Pokémon GO: The July 2022 Disguises Of Ditto

Credit: Pokémon GO

In this guide to Pokemon GO Ditto Disguises for the month of July 2022, we are going to be showing you what new Pokemon have the potential to be the adorable shape-shifting Ditto in disguise. Due to the fact that the developers have added a few more Pokemon to Ditto’s list in the TCG crossover event, it is important to know which animals to go after in order to increase one’s chances of obtaining a Ditto. So, without further ado, let’s go right in.

You might find Ditto under the shape of the following pokemon:

  1. Surskit
  2. Ekans
  3. Spinarak
  4. Numel
  5. Gastly
  6. Natu
  7. Lillipup
  8. Finneon
  9. Dwebble
  10. Bidoof

It is reasonable to expect that all of the Pokemon GO Ditto guises that were available in June will continue to be available in July 2022. To refresh your memory, the creators of the game added three additional Pokemon to the roster of potential forms that Ditto might assume.

These new forms are Bidoof, Numel, and Spinarak. On the other hand, considering that the TCG event is over, it’s possible that things have evolved. Unfortunately, it is still too soon to know at this point in time.

Can Ditto Have a Shiny Appearance?

In Pokemon GO, after you have removed all of Ditto’s guises, it is possible for it to have a shiny appearance. The original form of this pokemon is the familiar, pinkish-purplish blon that we are all familiar with.

There is no way that you will have any problem distinguishing between the two due to the fact that the shiny variety is an interesting shade of blue.

Having said that, taking into account how uncommon Ditto is in general, you should definitely try to capture it whenever you come across it, regardless of whether or not it has a shiny coat.