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You Can Travel Back In Time With Google Earth: Here’s How

Credit: Google Earth

We all depend on Google Maps to find our way around unfamiliar neighborhoods because of its unparalleled features and accuracy. Even if Google Maps does a good job at the ground level, Google Earth takes things to a whole other level and has an equally astounding feature set. In terms of consumer-facing tools, it has mapped our globe in a way that is just not possible. You may travel back in time and examine how an area has evolved through time with Google Earth. Google Earth’s historical imagery is a precious resource that may be put to a variety of creative uses.

In Google Earth for desktop, how can you travel back in time?
With Google Earth’s historical imagery, you may see a region from as far back as the 1930s by using data from several sources. Now, you’ll have to settle for the desktop app, which offers everything you need and then some. Here are the steps to take for that:

  1. You may get Google Earth Pro on your PC by clicking on this link. When you accept Google’s terms and conditions and click Download Earth Pro on Desktop, the program for your computer’s operating system will begin downloading. Install the app after you’re done.
  2. After ignoring the welcome message, launch Google Earth Pro and find the search bar in the left pane. Enter the address where you’d like to view earlier photos and press the Search button. You’ll be whisked there in a matter of seconds thanks to the app’s smooth animation.
  3. Choose the clock icon, which says Show historical images, in the top toolbar. To get the Historical Imagery feature on a Mac, open the app menu and choose View from the drop-down.
    Regardless of the method you choose, a date picker will display in the upper left corner of the map. As you move the time slider back and forth, the map picture changes to reflect the year you’ve picked.