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Pokémon Scarlet and Violet: Dual-Type Gyms Are One Addition We Would Love To See

Credit: Nintendo

Gym Leaders are a staple of the Pokemon franchise, and although we all like them, the series’ conventional gym structure is a major hindrance. Game Freak looked ready to alter things up when Sun & Moon swapped gyms for island challenges, but Sword & Shield reverted back to the usual model of fighting Gym Leaders and earning badges. Pokemon Legends: Arceus replaced gyms with Noble Pokemon boss fights earlier this year, but Scarlet & Violet‘s trailers make it obvious that the game will have a classic gym structure. Every Pokemon Gym should be given a second type, and the easiest way to achieve this is to give each gym a second type.

Despite the fact that Game Freak still manages to generate new fan-favorite Gym Leaders from time to time, the gyms themselves have come to a standstill. With the introduction of dual-type gyms, new themes, scenario construction, and dynamic difficulty scaling could all be explored.

Pokemon games will never be challenging, but dual-type gyms might present a unique chance to scale the difficulty via gameplay in a more fascinating manner than merely upping the leader’s Pokemon’s levels. To make things easy for players, early gyms could include Dual-types with a wide variety of weaknesses. For the first challenge, a Bug/Grass or Rock/Ground gym would be ideal, as both pairings share large vulnerabilities and very few resistances. It is generally accepted that the weakest of the other dual-types are Psychic/Grass, Ice/Rock, and Grass/Dark.

In the future, gamers who aren’t familiar with dual-types may find themselves in serious trouble. There are several dual-type combinations that are very tough to defeat since one of the kinds may completely negate any vulnerabilities in its partner. Examples of these are Water/Electric, Flying/Steel, and Poison/Dark. Forcing players to find counters or overlevel if they refuse to adapt would be a bad idea in gyms with challenging dual-types. To make the Pokemon games a little more challenging, dual-type gyms may be included. It would be more difficult for a gym to have both sorts of Pokemon in it, even if they weren’t necessary dual-type.