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Red Dead Redemption 2: Where to Find All Legendary Animals and Fish


Fans have been waiting for Red Dead Redemption 2 to launch for nearly eight years, and the game is finally out! The reason why Rockstar Games needed eight years to develop the game is because they wanted to create a masterpiece, and this is exactly what they did. Red Dead Redemption 2 is the best game to launch in 2018 according to critics. Not just that but, Red Dead Redemption 2 has sold $275 million worth of physical copies which is proof to us that this is the best game to launch in 2018.

Attention to Detail

What makes Red Dead Redemption 2 so special is the level of attention to detail that Rockstar Games has put in the game. Nearly everything that you can see in the game can be interacted with and this puts Red Dead Redemption 2 miles ahead of other AAA titles.

One of the best examples of why Red Dead Redemption 2 is such a fun game is the freedom of choice that players benefit from. Rockstar Games have created an interesting main story that all players will enjoy, but it also made sure to pack the game with a plethora of cool side quests and activities such as fishing and hunting.

Fishing and Hunting in Red Dead Redemption 2

You might be surprised to find out, but fishing and hunting are some of the best things about the new title from Rockstar Games. Reports are showing that these two activities draw people in the world of the wild west and it makes the entire game feel alive because enemies and NPCs go on with their daily business instead of simply waiting for players to come around so that they can hand them a quest.

Legendary Animals and Fish

Players who spent time fishing and hunting in the amazing world of Red Dead Redemption 2 have probably found out that there are Legendary animals and fish roaming around. The cool thing about these Legendary catches is that they are super rare and that they can be skinned and turned in to special vendors such as the Trapper for example and receive unique rewards in exchange.

There is a total of 29 Legendary animals in the game and they are challenging to find. However, we are going to make the job of hunting these Legendary beasts easier by providing players with a map that contains the location and the secrets to all catching Legendary animals. In addition, we have to give praise to IGN for locating all the Legendary animals ahead of everyone else.

Map Legend

1 = Legendary Alligator;

2 = Legendary Bear;

3 = Legendary Beaver;

4= Legendary Boar;

5 = Legendary Buck;

6 = Legendary Cougar;

7 = Legendary Coyote;

8 = Legendary Elk;

9 = Legendary Fox;

10 = Legendary Moose;

11 = Legendary Panther;

12 = Legendary Pronghorn;

13 = Legendary Ram;

14 = Legendary Tatanka Bison;

15 = Legendary White Bison;

16 = Legendary Wolf.

Get Better Arrows for Hunting

We previously mentioned that Red Dead Redemption 2 gives players freedom of choice like as no other game does and a great example of this is how players can choose to be a silent killer instead of shooting everything with their revolver or shotgun.

Players are given a longbow after they finish Chapter 1 and they can improve that bow by getting improved arrows. These arrows do more damage, apply poisons and even set things on fire. Therefore, if you want to find out how to get better at shooting the bow in Red Dead Redemption 2 and how to get improved arrows, then you should check out this guide.