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New VidMate 3.5501 APK is Available Right Now!


If you love using VidMate to download online videos, then you should be happy to know that a brand-new update has been made available for download. The update comes in the form of APK which means that only eager VidMate fans who are willing to manually install and download it on their smartphones will get access to the new features, software tweaks, and bug fixes that the update has to bring.

VidMate 3.5501 APK

The new update sports the 3.5501 version number and it has been recently released. The reason why the update is available in the form of APK is because the developers want to make sure that everything is running as intended before rolling it out OTA (over the air).

We should also note that all VidMate fans who are interested in the new update need to make sure to enable the “Unknown Sources” option first so that their smartphones become compatible with the update. The “Unknown Sources” option can be found in the “Settings” panel of all smartphones.

What’s New?

  • Bug Fixes

As it is the case with every new update, this latest VidMate APK introduces a bunch of bug fixes that take care of some known issues. Therefore, VidMate fans who enjoy downloading online videos with the app and want to make sure that their favorite app is always running at peak performance level should make sure to get the new update as soon as possible.

  • Improved User Experience

Another important thing that this latest APK update adds is a handful of software tweaks that improve the overall user experience that VidMate offers.

Final Words

This 3.5501 APK might not be the most important VidMate update to be released in the last couple of months, but it still comes with many improvements that will make the app run better than it usually does.