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Samsung Galaxy S10 Leaked Picture Shows Unique Selfie Camera Design


Galaxy S10 is such a highly anticipated smartphone that you can see its name pop up on every forum filled with tech enthusiasts. The current Galaxy S9 Samsung flagship smartphone didn’t do so well on the market and Samsung announced that it plans to change everything when it comes to the design of its flagship smartphones in order to boost sales.

Not just that, but Samsung also hosted a private press conference a couple of weeks ago in order to show its business partners that Galaxy S10 will ship with lots of cool and innovative features that will make the smartphone a best seller. Well, things get even better for Samsung fans today because the famous leakster Ben Geskin has tweeted a picture of what Galaxy S10 could look like and it’s amazing.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Leaked Picture

First off, we need to mention that we have no way of knowing if this picture represents the final version of Galaxy S10. With that said, we have to admit that the smartphone shown in the picture above is spectacular. Samsung has really outdone itself this time and the in-display selfie camera will make Galaxy S10 significantly better than all of Apple’s latest iPhones which ship with a display top-notch.

In-Display Fingerprint Scanner

Even though the leaked picture might not show us the rear side of Galaxy S10, Samsung revealed during its private event that the upcoming smartphone will feature an in-display fingerprint scanner. This is a big step in the evolution of the Galaxy S smartphones and we can be sure that Samsung fans are going to love the feature.

Galaxy S10 owners will be able to unlock the smartphone just by looking at it, or if they want they can always simply place their fingertip on the screen. Apple’s new iPhones don’t feature a fingerprint unlocking system and this will give Galaxy S10 a big edge.