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TubeMate: Downloading Online Videos, Free Music and Never Get Bored Again


Everyone carries a smartphone in their pocket nowadays and the reason behind that is quite simple, smartphones are just too useful not to have around and we’re not talking only about the ability to call and text people. What makes smartphones such useful tools to have around is the fact that they give people access to thousands of apps that have been designed to make our lives easier and to improve the way we keep ourselves entertained.

Never Get Bored Again

Take for example how getting bored is no longer an option once you have a smartphone. If you ever need to stay in a long line at the store, you can simply pull out your smartphone and watch some cool videos online that will make time fly by. Therefore, we think it’s safe to say that anyone who owns a smartphone will never get bored again.

The Cons of Watching Online Videos

Even though the internet is filled with hilarious, interesting and captivating online videos, the videos still require a Wi-Fi or a mobile data connection in order to load. To make things even worse, mobile data is infamous for being really expensive in the US and this makes it nearly impossible for people to watch online videos in their spare time because who would want to waste all their precious mobile data on loading a Full HD online video?

How to Watch Online Videos Without Internet

Just imagine how awesome it would be if popular websites would allow users to download videos. This would make it easier for you to watch online videos in your spare time because you could simply download them while you are at home and then watch them while commuting to work or school. Luckily, there is an app that does just that!

Introducing TubeMate

TubeMate is a powerful app for Android smartphones that make everyone’s dreams come true. TubeMate can download online videos from any website in a matter of seconds and this is why this app has such a massive fan following. However, there’s more to TubeMate than just downloading online videos and today we are going to highlight that.

User Friendly UI (user interface)

One of the things that makes TubeMate such a powerful app is the fact that it has been designed for everyone to use. The app is equipped with a friendly UI that makes it easy for anyone to download online videos, even people who don’t use Android apps that much and are not familiar with their layout.

The only thing that people who wish to download online videos with TubeMate need to do is to simply search for their favorite videos via keywords such as “funny” for example in the app’s UI and then tap on the big “Download” button.

TubeMate Can Download Videos from Everywhere!

Another amazing thing about TubeMate is the massive number of websites that it supports. Obviously, TubeMate supports all the popular video streaming platforms, but things don’t end here. TubeMate can also download online videos from social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook and even Twitter!

Download Free Music with TubeMate

What many people don’t know about TubeMate is that this app can also be used to download free music. TubeMate ships with a pre-installed MP3 converter that can be used to take the latest music videos and then transform them into simple MP3 tracks.

Wrapping Things Up…

We think we made it clear that TubeMate is a great app to have. The features that TubeMate gives access to users make it invaluable to every Android smartphone. Not just that but being able to download online videos and music puts TubeMate in the “must-have” category.