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Samsung Makes a Big Mistake and Sends “Find My Mobile” Notifications WorldWide


Did you recently receive a push notification from your Samsung smartphone? You shouldn’t worry about it because Samsung made a mistake earlier this morning when testing the “Find My Mobile” feature and it sent notifications to all Galaxy smartphone owners worldwide. This was definitely a mistake because the notification from Find My Mobile only had the number “1” in the notification and automatically disappeared when users clicked on it.

Samsung Makes a Big Mistake

Numerous reports from Galaxy owners are showing that the push notification arrived at thousands of smartphones. Samsung has yet to make any official statements about what happened and it will probably not address it anytime soon. On the bright side of things, Samsung proved through its mistake that the Find My Mobile feature works without a glitch!

If you are not familiar with how the Find My Mobile feature works, then you should know that it is similar to Google’s own Find My Device feature. The feature is designed to help users that have lost their smartphones find them. What’s great about this feature is the fact that it also gives users the ability to block their lost smartphones, lock the screen and also block all access to Samsung Pay.

Samsung is Keeping Busy

Samsung has been keeping quite busy during the past couple of weeks. The reason why we are saying that is because the South Koran based tech giant has recently launched a new smartphone in Brazil that is priced at $644. The smartphone is called Galaxy A71 and it is expected to see a global launch during the upcoming months.

Since we are talking about Galaxy A71, we want to mention that the smartphone is equipped with a 6.7-inch AMOLED display and that it ships with an octa-core Snapdragon 730 processor and 6GB of RAM.