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Samsung Wireless Earbuds Get Leaked in Galaxy S10 + Press Render


Samsung is the world’s biggest smartphone manufacturer and everyone is waiting for the tech giant to launch its next-generation flagship. This might be hard to believe, but the current Galaxy S9 flagship was not too successful. Even though the smartphone sold millions of units, it underperformed according to Samsung’s standards. Therefore, Samsung is going to equip this year’s Galaxy S10 and Galaxy S10 + the best hardware parts and most exciting features that it can.

Nonetheless, the reason why Samsung is making headlines today is because the tech giant has proved once again that it simply cannot hold a secret. A new picture of Galaxy S10 + has been leaked and this time, the leaked press render shows that Galaxy 10 + will ship with its own wireless earbuds.

Samsung Wireless Earbuds

Apple shocked the smartphone industry back when it released iPhone 7 without a 3.5mm auxiliary headphone jack. This was a clever marketing move from Apple because the Cupertino based tech giant also launched an expensive pair of wireless earbuds called AirPods at the same time.

From the looks of it, Samsung is still going to keep 3.5mm auxiliary headphone jack, but it wants to bundle the bigger and more expensive Galaxy S10 + variant with wireless earbuds. The most interesting thing about this picture is that the Samsung earbuds are being wirelessly charged just by sitting on the rear side of Galaxy S10 +.

Final Words

The Samsung wireless earbuds are a total surprise to us since this is the first time that they got leaked. However, this is a welcomed surprise. Let’s just hope that Samsung doesn’t charge too much for them because they look great. We should also note that Galaxy S10 and Galaxy S10 + will launch on 20th February at the MWC event.