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SHAREit 4.7.68 Beta APK – Video Streaming and File Sharing Features Receive Improvements


SHAREit is a world-renowned app that has been downloaded by more than ten million people on the Google Play Store alone. What makes this app stand out from all other apps which also excel at sharing files is the fact that SHAREit is constantly improving.

The developers who are in charge of SHAREit are always coming up with new ways of enhancing the app’s performances and they do this through a regular stream of APK updates. In fact, the reason why we are talking about SHAREit today is because the app has just received a new update.

SHAREit 4.7.68 Beta APK

SHAREit fans should be happy to find out that their favorite app has just been updated. The new update sports the 4.7.68 Beta version number and its currently rolling out to beta testers. Luckily, becoming a beta tester for SHAREit is fairly simple and everyone who uses an Android powered smartphone can do it in only a couple of minutes.

On the other hand, we have to mention that there is a way to download and install the update without having to enroll in the beta program. The trick to making this work is to download the update in the form of APK, but we need to advise all SHAREit users that they first need to head over to their smartphone’s Settings panel and then enable the “Unknown Sources” option. Nonetheless, let’s check out the changelog for the new update so that we can see which are the features that it introduces.

What’s New?

The question that all SHAREit fans must be asking themselves right now is what are the features that the new update introduces?

First off, the update comes with a bunch of software tweaks that improve the app’s overall performances. While the software tweaks are nice, the best thing about the new update is that it also optimizes the video watching experience of SHAREit.