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SHAREit for Android Gets a Big Update!


What better way to start the new year for SHAREit fans other than to receive a new update? With that being said, SHAREit fans should be pleased to know that the developers have launched a new update that sports the 4.6.38 build number. The update is available in the form of APK and it focuses on improving two of SHAREit’s key features.

Improving Key Features

SHAREit is a powerful app that excels at sharing files. Even though there might be multiple apps that offer similar features, there is something that sets SHAREit apart from them. The reason why SHAREit is always a much better choice when compared to similar apps is because the developers who are in charge of SHAREit are always looking for new ways to improve key features of the app and this is exactly what the latest APK update does.

SHAREit 4.6.38 APK

Since this is an APK update we are talking about, the only SHAREit fans who can install the update are the ones who own an Android-powered smartphone. For those who are not familiar with the APK format, this is an acronym for “Android Package Kit”.

In addition, APK updates are manually downloaded and installed from an APK website and therefore, SHAREit fans need to enable the “Unknown Sources” option in order to make their smartphones eligible.

What’s New?

As previously mentioned, the new update focuses on improving two of SHAREit’s already existing features. The first feature that gets improved with the new APK is the built-in video player of the app.

The user experience that the video player offers is being optimized through UI (user interface) changes and bug fixes. The second thing that the new update does is to improve the transmissions compatibility f SHAREit. This makes the new update quite important and a high priority to all SHAREit fans.

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