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Snapchat Beta APK Becomes Available With Fixes and Improvements

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The previous Beta update for Snapchat that we spoke about almost a week ago did a pretty good job when it comes to improvements and fixes for the famous instant messaging app. There’s no wonder why, as we know that the developers from Snap were working hard to provide a compelling update.

Some people were tempted to say that Snapchat cannot bring anything new. As they were relying on that thought, the Beta APK had come out via APKMirror for the users to grab!

What’s new

Snapchat Beta APK brings another series of bug fixes and improvements for the users to enjoy. There seems to be nothing sophisticated with the update, but still, we believe that downloading and installing it remains a good idea.

The update is available in two download versions: a simple APK file and a bundle APK of 28 splits. You’ll need at least Android 5 installed on your device in order to get to install the update, but we’re sure that pretty much everybody qualifies.

A lot of people joined Snapchat when the instant messaging app reached a decent level of useful features. The app opens right into the Camera, giving users the chance to take a photo or record a video by simply tapping. They can also put their creativity to the test using Bitmoji, Lenses, Filters, and more. Users even have the chance to try out new Lenses every day!

If you had been abusing the chat feature of Snapchat when your mom entered your room, there’s no need to worry! A lot of people use Snapchat to meet new folks and keep in touch with them! The software even allows you to start a video chat with your friends at once as long as there are a maximum of 16 people.

What do you think about the new update? Let us know!