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Snapchat Beta APK Brings Improvements

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Snapchat is once again receiving a new update for those willing to use the instant messaging app on Android devices. Therefore, Snapchat Beta is now available in APK form for those who have Android 5 or a later version of Google’s OS installed.

Snapchat allows users to keep in touch with their friends, family members, co-workers, and even enemies if they want to. Once you start the app, it opens right to the Camera, giving you the chance to put your imagination to work.

New improvements and bug fixes

Without going into any details, the change log tells us that the new update brings a set of improvements and bug fixes. There are two download versions, a simple APK file, and a bundle. The APK file has 123MB, which is definitely a good hint that the update indeed has a lot to offer.

When you use Snapchat, you even have the chance to let your friends know about your location. That creates opportunities for a lot of interesting possible encounters. If you’re willing to opt for the opposite scenario when you don’t want anybody to know where you are, the developers from Snap have it covered for you as well. You can go ahead and use Ghost Mode whenever you feel the need.

Another fun way to use Snapchat is to create Stories from your favorite Memories and share them with family and friends. You can also share your activities for a day using Group Stories.

The Snapchat community is also providing help for the developers, and you can try out new Lenses every day to become convinced of that. There are lots of possibilities to have fun via Snapchat.

Just five days ago, we spoke about the Beta update that became available for the app as well, and it also brought some interesting changes.