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SnapTube Update is Now Live


Snaptube is a great app that makes it possible for people to download online videos. This means that people who choose to give Snaptube a try will have access to an endless source of entertainment since thousands of videos are being uploaded on the internet every day. However, Snaptube’s ability to download online videos is not the best thing about this app.

What makes Snaptube stand out when compared to similar apps such as TubeMate and VidMate is the constant stream of updates that Snaptube’s developers are releasing. The people who are in charge of Snaptube are always looking to improve the app’s performances and features and they do this through APK updates.

APK Updates

Considering the fact that Snaptube can download online videos from any website, it should come as no surprise that the app goes against the ToS (terms of service) of those websites.

Therefore, Snaptube is not listed on the Google Play Store and the only way for the developers to provide constant updates to the app is do it through APK updates (Android Package Kit) which users need to download and install manually.

Nonetheless, a brand-new update for Snaptube has arrived and today we are going to present everything that Snaptube fans need to know about it.

Snaptube APK Update

The latest update for Snaptube sports the version number and as previously mentioned its available in the form APK. The new update focuses on improving Snaptube’s overall stability and it introduces a handful of bug fixes.

Even though most Snaptube fans would’ve liked to hear that this latest APK update comes with a bunch of new features, getting bug fixes instead is always a good thing. These bug fixes take care of some of Snaptube’s known issues and it makes the app more stable.