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SnapTube APK – Get The Latest Bug Fixes!


SnapTube is a powerful app that provides users with a smarter and more enjoyable way of watching online videos. If we were to sum up SnapTube’s abilities into a single sentence, then it would have to be that SnapTube makes it possible for all users to download the online videos that they want from every app or website available!

Therefore, SnapTube’s top feature goes against the terms of services of Google and it is not listed on the official Play Store. Luckily, this doesn’t mean that Android users don’t have any way of installing SnapTube on their smartphones.

Android Package Kit

Since SnapTube is not available on the Google Play Store, Android users can get the app by heading over to SnapTube’s official website. To make things even better, the developers of SnapTube are constantly releasing new updates that ship in APK (android package kit) form which means that Android users can get them manually whenever they want. In fact, a brand-new update for SnapTube has recently been released.

SnapTube APK

The latest update for SnapTube sports the build number and it was released last week. The new update focuses on enhancing the software stability of SnapTube and instead of introducing new features or UI (user interface) tweaks, the update comes with a handful of bug fixes.

With that being said, all SnapTube users who love downloading online videos with this app should make sure to get the new APK update. Although, we do need to mention that since APK updates are not available via the Google Play Store, SnapTube users will need to head over to their smartphone’s “Settings” menu and then enable the “Unknown Sources” option.

While this might be a little annoying to have to do in order to install a new update, the bright side this is that SnapTube users only need to enable the option once.