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SnapTube: Download Online Videos from Facebook, Instagram and More


The coolest thing about having an Android-powered smartphone is the fact that you get access to thousands of apps. Nowadays there is an app that can help you with everything, even with tasks that might sound impossible such as downloading online videos and then watching them offline. Well, this is exactly what SnapTube does, but there’s more to this app than just downloading online videos and today we are going to show you all the features that SnapTube offers.

A “Must-Have” App

There are many apps which claim that they worthy of receiving the “must-have” title, but most of them pale in comparison with SnapTube. What makes SnapTube so special is the fact that it can download videos from any website and it does it in a matter of seconds. To make things even better, SnapTube is not limited by any restrictions and it can also download videos from social media platforms which makes it a “must-have” app.

Download Content From Social Media Platforms

Everyone who uses Facebook, Instagram or Twitter has noticed that a large majority of online content creators have moved on from YouTube and they are posting their videos on social media platforms now.

The reason why they are doing this is because Facebook makes it easier for content creators to monetize their videos and this past couple of months have been rough on YouTube because the people in charge of the video platform keep making changes without letting its users know about them.

Nonetheless, SnapTube can download online videos from every popular social media platform and this includes Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Therefore, if you ever see a cool video that you might want to watch offline, then you can simply use SnapTube and download that video in less than a minute.


  1. There are many sites that allow you to download videos from youtube, facebook, ect online for free without software. I think they are quicker and more convenient. You downloader

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