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SnapTube – Offline Video Streaming and Free Music


If there’s one feature that all websites should implement, then it needs to be a big “Download” button on all videos. Unfortunately, this is never going to happen because every website wants visitors to say as long as possible so that they can generate revenue through ads. However, there is an alternative to watching online videos and it’s called SnapTube.

Offline Video Streaming

For those who haven’t heard about SnapTube yet, this is an Android app that makes it possible for users to download online videos. Yes, you read that right! People who decide to give SnapTube a try will be able to fill up their smartphone’s microSD card with all their favorite online videos and then watch them whenever they want without needing to connect their smartphones to the internet.

How Does It Work?

Downloading online videos from websites that don’t have a “Download” button might sound like a complicated task that only people with extensive software knowledge can do, but this is not the case with SnapTube. The best thing about SnapTube is the fact that it features a user-friendly UI (user interface) which means that everyone can use it to download their favorite online videos through only a couple of screen taps.

SnapTube users can type in the title of the video that they want to download in the app’s UI and then simply tap on the “Download” button. Not just that, but users can also try all types of keywords and find videos that they might find interesting. Some keywords that you might want to try out are “fail compilation”, “Let’s Plays”, and “vlogging” for example.

Free Music

There is another important thing that we need to mention about SnapTube. The app can also be used to download free music through its built-in MP3 converter.