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Starfield Is Bethesda’s Next Big Game And It Could Be Its Biggest World Yet

Credit: Bethesda

As Bethesda’s games progress, the environments they create get richer and more interesting for players to explore. Starfield, the studio’s next sci-fi RPG, intends to take this to the next level by allowing players to explore millions of planets as they travel across the expanse of space.

About 300 years in the future, humankind has colonized and explored well beyond the solar system, setting the stage for Starfield’s futuristic setting. Player characters will join Constellation, an intergalactic exploration group that is devoted to pushing humanity’s boundaries and uncovering the wonders of the universe. Both the United Colonies and Freestar Collective have been at peace since a devastating conflict 20 years before this game starts, but they will have to deal with political tensions in their own colonies.

When Starfield releases in 2023, game director Todd Howard gives gamers the most comprehensive look at what they can anticipate, from factions at play to character customization options. Howard promises dozens of planets for players to explore in the game, which is the largest environment Bethesda has ever developed. Players will be able to land on any of the thousands of planets scattered over over a hundred systems, he stated during the Xbox and Bethesda event.

Howard utilized Jemison, the planet used to demonstrate the game’s size and characteristics, to emphasize this feature at the end of his segment of the demonstration. New Atlantis, one of the many towns scattered throughout the wide cosmos, is located on this planet.

By offering a galaxy as large as Howard implied during the preview, Bethesda might find itself on the other side of the line. Even yet, several of the studio’s key titles over the last decade have been riddled with problems and flaws when they were first released. Only time will tell whether Bethesda’s statements regarding the scale of Starfield are correct.