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Top 9 FMWhatsapp Features – The Best Version of WhatsApp


WhatsApp is known for being one of the most popular apps in the world, but did you know can you can mod it so that it offers more features, customization options, and an overall better user experience? FMWhatsapp is a modded version of the original app and introduces a plethora of cool features that you will love.

To make things even better, FMWhatsapp is free to download just like the original version of WhatsApp. Therefore, everyone can enjoy the premium chatting experience that the app has to offer without having to pay a dime.

Key FMWhatsapp Features

Today we are going to present the top features that FMWhatsapp has to offer so that everyone can get an idea of just how good this modded version of WhatsApp really is when compared to the original version of WhatsApp. With that said, let’s get into it.

  • Multiple WhatsApp Accounts

The first and most important feature that FMWhatsapp brings is the fact that it allows users to own two different accounts that can be signed in on the same device. This is an amazing feature that the developers of the original WhatsApp should consider introducing as well because it gives more freedom to the user.

  • Hide the Last Seen Checkmark

Don’t you hate it that all chatting apps now have a checkmark which informs people when you have seen their messages? This makes it impossible to ignore someone without feeling bad, but fortunately, FMWhatsapp users never have to deal with this issue because they can simply hide the Last Seen checkmark.

  • Multiple Themes

One of the best things about FMWhatsapp is that it lets users customize and personalize the theme of the app. FMWhatsapp offers more than 100 styles of themes that users can download for free and make the app feel more unique.

  • Improved Status Field

The status feature of WhatsApp might be a great feature, but it doesn’t support that many characters and this makes it difficult for users to express themselves. On the other hand, FMWhatsapp has been modded to allow users to type in statuses of up to 250 characters.

  • Copy Statuses

Since we are talking about statuses that people like to share, readers should be pleased to know that FMWhatsapp lets users copy those statuses with the simple tap of the screen. This feature will prove to be quite useful.

  • New Emojis

Who doesn’t love emojis? They make it easier for us to express ourselves and they can also make our texts look more interesting and funnier at the same time. This is why the developers of FMWhatsapp have made sure to introduce new emojis that are bigger than what the original WhatsApp has to offer.

  • Share Media

WhatsApp is renowned for being able to share videos and pictures without compromising any of their quality in the process. On the downside of things, WhatsApp users have many limitations when it comes to sharing media and they can’t send large files. Luckily, the developers of FMWhatsapp have raised the app’s capabilities so that it can send videos sized up to 1GB.

  • App Launcher

If you don’t like how the original app launcher for WhatsApp looks like, then you should be happy to know that FMWhatsapp supports a bunch of other app launchers that can be changed in an instant.

  • New UI

Another great thing about FMWhatsapp is that it introduces a fresh looking new UI (user interface). The UI has been tweaked so that users can find it easier to access all the options (send messages, video call, etc) that they are looking for.