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Top Four Android Q Features That You Will Love


Android Q is the biggest operating system update that Google is going to release in 2019 and the Android parent has decided to release the third beta of version of Android Q in order to celebrate its recent I/O event. Even though Android Q is still in beta, the new version brings lots of exciting features and support for powerful hardware that Android fans are going to love. Therefore, today we want to present the top four features that Android Q will deliver once the final build launches so that all Android fans know what’s coming their way.

Top Four Android Q Features

#1 5G Support

We are going to kick things off with the most obvious top Android Q feature, support for 5G connectivity. Introducing 5G chips into smartphones is the next step in making smartphones more powerful and from the looks of it, Google wants to make sure that it encourages all smartphone manufacturers and app developers to adopt 5G by introducing support in Android Q.

As you can imagine, the 5G compatibility in Android Q is going to bring much faster internet connection to Android fans. On the downside of things, this feature is only going to be available to high-end smartphones that are equipped with the necessary hardware.

#2 Enhanced Security

Google is always stressing the fact that it puts a high price on user security whenever it releases a new update. Truth be told, the Android parent does care about the security of its users and this is why it is releasing a security patch every month. Google claimed during a recent press conference that more than 50 features which will be introduced in Android Q will be directly related to enhancing the user security that Android Q powered devices offer. Although, we don’t have that much information about those 50+ features because Google has yet to reveal them.

What we do know though, is the fact that Android Q will feature a new Permissions option. This option is going to enable Android fans to pick and choose what type of data Google and other third-party apps can access and share. This is a great addition to the Android operating system and it is meant to avoid scandals such as Facebook’s Cambridge Analytica fiasco.

#3 Added Support for Foldable Smartphones

Foldable smartphones are all the rage right now and there is no doubt about that. Every major tech company is working on its own foldable smartphone after Samsung gave the start with Galaxy Fold. In fact, one of the most interesting announcements that Google made during its I/O event is that a pure Android foldable smartphone is being worked on. Google has designed the prototype and it wasn’t ready to announce an official launch date.

Therefore, Android fans who are interested in purchasing a foldable smartphone should be pleased to find out that Android Q is going to introduce lots of software, user interface and app changes that will accommodate their massive displays.

#4 Smart Replies

Yes, we know. Google introduced the Smart Reply feature back in Android 8.0 Oreo. However, the feature is still far away from reaching its final stage. The Android parent announced that Android Q is going to introduce an even better and faster Smart Replies feature that will make it easier for users to respond to their most important messages straight from the notification panel. The cool thing about the new feature is that it will use AI-powered software in order to determine the way that the user likes to respond and it will present those predictions as quick options.