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Top TuneMovie Alternatives in 2022

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TuneMovie will reach the end of the road soon enough, which means that users need to find other alternatives to watch their favorite movies and TV shows. TuneMovie even allows the user to enjoy his desired content while not even being connected to the internet.

You know what Murphy’s first law says: anything that can go wrong will go wrong. It also applies to TuneMovie, as the service cannot last forever. So what suitable alternatives could there be to TuneMovie? Let’s find out:

Apple TV

You should definitely consider Apple TV as a worthy alternative to TuneMovie. Apple TV offers a trial period of 7 days, which should be more than enough for you to decide if the service is what you need or not.

There are some interesting movies and shows coming soon to Apple TV, and we can mention Emancipation with Will Smith, Mythic Quest, Slow Horses, Sharper, Echo 3, and more.


HBO NOW is also a good alternative, as it offers access to classic TV favorites, a lot of blockbuster movies, as well as new Max Originals.

You may have already guessed what the most popular show on HBO NOW is: Game of Thrones.

The cost for a subscription to HBO NOW is $9.99.


Surely you’ve heard about Netflix, as it’s the place where people can watch thousands of movies and TV shows. In 2022, the streaming service surpassed 220 million subscribers. A basic subscription to Netflix requires the user to pay the amount of $9.99.

PlayStation Vue

PlayStation Vue also demands that its users pay a fee, but it also offers a trial period of 7 days. In this way, you have enough time to figure out if the service is suitable for you or not.

PlayStation Vue is available on pretty much any device you can think of: laptop, desktop PC, smartphone, console, and more.

What streaming service do YOU prefer? Feel free to tell us in the comments!