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TubeMate for Android – Watch Online Videos while Offline


Today we want to present a special app that is going to make it much easier and more enjoyable for everyone to watch online videos without needing to connect their smartphones to Wi-Fi or to enable mobile data. The app that we are talking about is called TubeMate and as you can probably tell by now, TubeMate can download online videos.

This is a priceless feature since TubeMate can download media files from basically every website and app, thus providing users with an unlimited source of entertainment that they can watch in their free time.

TubeMate is Free!

First things first, how much does an app that features an endless amount of videos cost? Well, TubeMate doesn’t cost anything! This is a free to use app and the amazing thing about this is that despite being free, TubeMate still receives full-fledged support from developers. Therefore, TubeMate receives new updates nearly every week that come in the form of APK (Android Package Kit).

Key Features

  • Download Online Media

As we already mentioned, TubeMate’s key feature is its ability to download online videos. Things get even better than this since TubeMate can download all types of online media which means that TubeMate users can fill up their smartphone’s internal storage space with as many podcasts and free music that they want to listen to.

  • Stable Software

This is not usually categorized as a standalone feature, but we have to mention it because TubeMate’s software has been greatly improved during the last year. The improved software helps the app run smoother than before. TubeMate doesn’t crash in the middle of downloading online videos and users have the constant stream of APK updates to thank for that.

  • Fast Download Speeds

Since TubeMate is an app that can download online media, no one should be shocked to find out that TubeMate can do this really fast. The app uses a system called “multiple thread connections” to boost up average download speeds.