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SHAREit – A New Update Has Arrived (4.6.38 APK)


We have some amazing news for SHAREit fans today! The app has recently received a new update and it comes with improvements for SHAREit built-in video player. SHAREit is a powerful app that can transfer all types of files between multiple smartphones in a matter of seconds. What many people don’t know about SHAREit is the fact that this app also gives users a feature that helps them discover thousands of online videos that they can also watch while offline. Nonetheless, the new update takes this feature to the next-level.

SHAREit 4.6.38 Update

The previously mentioned update sports the 4.6.38 version number and it’s available in the form of APK. All Android app developers release their updates first in the form of APK so that eager users can get their hands on them ahead of the pack. On the downside of things, interested SHAREit users are required to manually download and install these updates on their smartphones.

If having to manually install an update on your smartphone sounds way too complicated or annoying for you, then you don’t have to do it because SHAREit’s developers are going to release it OTA (over the air) during the upcoming weeks after the “testing phase” is over.

Improved Built-in Video Player

One of the best things about SHAREit is the fact that this app is not just another file sharing app and instead, SHAREit offers a plethora of other features such as the ability to play music and videos with its built-in video player.

Luckily, the new APK update that changes SHAREit’s version number to 4.6.38 comes with a bunch of “under the hood” software tweaks that optimize the video player and help it run smoother. Therefore, we advise all SHAREit users who enjoy watching videos with the app’s video player to get the new APK as soon as possible.