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TubeMate – How to Watch Online Videos Whenever You Want


Isn’t it annoying that popular apps where you can find lots of cool and entertaining videos don’t let users download them? This makes it impossible for smartphone users to watch their favorite videos whenever there isn’t a free Wi-Fi network around.

Although, what if we told you that there is a trick to downloading online videos from every possible website or app? Even though this might sound like an impossible task at first, there is an app that gives everyone the ability to download online videos from all types of websites starting with YouTube and ending with Facebook.


The “magical” app that we are talking about is called TubeMate. If this is the first time that you are hearing about TubeMate, then the only thing that you should know about it is that it can make you dreams come true! TubeMate can download online videos from everywhere and this places the app in the “must-have” category. With that said, let’s see which are TubeMate’s top features.

Top Features

#1 Download Online Videos

We think we made it clear that TubeMate can download online videos. However, what we didn’t mention is that TubeMate can download online videos really fast because it uses a special system called multiple thread connections.

#2 Download Free Music

Downloading online videos is not the only thing that TubeMate can do. This app can be used to download free music. Not just that, but TubeMate can also take down podcasts in a matter of seconds which makes TubeMate a great app to have around.

#3 TubeMate is Free!

The last thing that we want to go over is the fact that TubeMate is free to download. What’s great about this is that despite being free, TubeMate is still a high-end app that offers a premium user experience.