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Twitter Update: The Tweeten App Will Replace The TweetDeck Feature

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The prominent microblogging platform Twitter recently announced that its TweetDeck functionality for Mac and Windows users would be replaced with a new app called Tweeten App. This is an important move. TweetDeck is a social media dashboard application that enables people to control numerous Twitter accounts at the same time. For those who are not familiar with the software, TweetDeck is described as follows: The TweetDeck app, much like other Twitter applications for Android, iOS, and the web, enables people to send and get threads or tweets. This functionality is available to users on Twitter. Once upon a time, the application operated on its own, but Twitter eventually bought it out and took over its operations. At this time, TweetDeck is only accessible for use on macOS, as an app for Chrome, and as a web program.

Tweeten is a successor for TweetDeck for Mac, which will only continue to be available until the 1st of July 2022. Tweeten is available for both Windows and Mac. Tweeten is essentially an updated version of TweetDeck tailored specifically at the platform’s power users. Tweeten provides users with all of the capabilities that were previously available to them via TweetDeck; however, some of Tweeten’s elements are even better. For example, Tweeten provides a great deal more customization choices than TweetDeck did.

What does Tweeten offer?

Tweeten provides users with a more robust, column-based interface that supports them in keeping track of all the changes on Twitter without requiring them to click the refresh button. This was indicated in the official news post that Tweeten was released. Users of Tweeten are provided with up-to-the-minute information on the subjects that they follow thanks to the platform’s alerts. In addition, users are able to engage with tweets straight from the alerts, set personalized notification sounds, and even silence the notifications themselves.

Tweeten now has a GIF search box that users can use to search for GIFs on Giphy and post them. This feature is included as part of the standard package. Then, the application has a sophisticated search and filtering engine that enables users to monitor the specific thread or query that they wish to monitor. Aside from this, Tweeten offers all of the capabilities that were accessible on TweetDeck, such as the ability to manage numerous accounts, scheduled tweets, sophisticated search, and activity monitoring.