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Using WhatsApp On Your Chromebook: A Complete Guide

Credit: M. H. from Pixabay

Many of us rely on WhatsApp to stay in touch. As a result, it has been ranked among the top 10 most popular applications on both Android and iOS platforms.

The service may be used on any device, not only smartphones. There are several ways to make use of it on a PC. If you’re using a Chromebook, you may use WhatsApp either via its browser version or through the app.

Use WhatsApp on Chromebooks with one of the following methods

Using WhatsApp on a Chromebook is easy if you know how. Installing WhatsApp on your Chromebook can be a hassle, which is why the web app is a good alternative. However, downloading WhatsApp’s app may be preferable if you want to utilize it natively and fully functionally.

As a result, we suggest that you compare the two possibilities and choose the one that best suits your needs and preferences.

Installing and Using WhatsApp for Android

WhatsApp on Chromebook may now be used to its full potential thanks to this simple trick. Simply download its app from the Google Play Store and you’re ready to go.

The Google Play Store isn’t accessible on certain older Chromebook models, so keep that in mind before moving on. Chrome OS Flex does not include it either. For the time being, you’ll have to use WhatsApp Web if you’re using one of these versions.

Installing WhatsApp on a Chromebook is as simple as following these instructions:

  • The Play Store may be found in the app drawer by clicking the Launcher icon in the bottom-left corner of your screen. If you still can’t locate it, try doing a search. To open the store, you can alternatively visit play.google.com.
  • Once you’ve opened the Play Store, type “WhatsApp” into the search field.
  • In order to install the WhatsApp app, just click on it and then click on the Install button.
  • Your Chromebook should now have the app installed. Installing it is as simple as going to the app drawer on your Chromebook and looking for it. You’ll be able to use all of WhatsApp’s features on your Chromebook after you’ve set it up.

In order to make use of the calling functions, you’ll need a computer with the necessary hardware requirements. If you wish to make video calls, for instance, you will need either a camera that is integrated into your Chromebook or a webcam that is external.

Using the WhatsApp Web

You don’t need to install anything to use WhatsApp Web on any computer. This web-based version includes all of the text and voice messaging options. However, at the time of this writing, neither voice or video calls are accessible.

To take advantage of WhatsApp Web, just follow these easy instructions:

  • Go to web.whatsapp.com with Google Chrome on your Chromebook.
  • The Cog symbol or the Three Dots icon may be seen in the top-right corner of your WhatsApp screen.
  • In the drop-down box, choose Linked Devices, and then click on Link a Device.
  • Afterwards, you’ll see small camera on your device. It’s as simple as scanning the QR code that appears on WhatsApp Web on your Chromebook.
  • The end. On your Chromebook, you’ve successfully signed into WhatsApp using your existing credentials. The online version of the app has all the messaging capabilities.

WhatsApp Web may be used even if your phone is disconnected.

You don’t have to worry about using WhatsApp on your Chromebook if you follow the instructions above. Depending on your own preferences and needs, you have two alternatives to pick from.

WhatsApp Web is a wonderful option if you don’t mind the restricted functionality and don’t want to download an app. To use all of WhatsApp’s capabilities, you’ll have to download the Android app from Google Play.