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Waffle: Rules and More to Know About the Word Game

Credit: Waffle

If you’re good with words, it means that you should definitely give Waffle a try! It’s the name of a relatively new word game that you can play to test your skills and attention. Waffle is practically Wordle in the form of a crossword puzzle that is similar to a waffle in shape.

As long as you have a stable internet connection on your laptop, phone, tablet, or anything else, you can easily play Waffle online by heading over to wafflegame.net.

Rules: how to play Waffle

Playing Waffle is relatively easy. On a given day, the player gets the same scrambled grid of letters of a certain color. For a new challenge to emerge, a reset takes place every day.

On a Waffle grid, there are 6 (5 letters) words that are hidden. Some info is already available regarding the letters’ positions. The player has to change the position of the wrong letters in order to find the suitable order.

Planning is an essential part of playing Waffle, which means that you have to be extremely careful. You should visualize the map on the side, and using your intuition as well isn’t a bad idea.

Solving a Waffle grid in not too many moves is entirely possible as long as you search online for possible solutions. For instance, you can rely on Wordhippo.

A Waffle challenge likely doesn’t have many solutions, which is unlike most crossword games available out there. This means that the word arrangements of the player will be registered after he makes the swaps to find the right word that’s hidden.

Interestingly enough, Waffle doesn’t have a software app available yet, as you can play it only directly in the browser. Maybe it’s even better that way, as what’s the point of installing something that you can still access directly in Chrome or Edge?