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WhatsApp Has Updated Its iOS App To Allow PIP Video Calls

Photo by Deeksha Pahariya on Unsplash

WhatsApp has released an update for its iOS app that includes a new picture-in-picture mode. Users may switch between apps like WhatsApp and the ongoing video chat without losing their place in the conversation.

With the release of version 23.3.77, this feature was made accessible to customers of the company’s iOS app. In the past, if you were having a video chat with someone on WhatsApp on your iPhone and switched to a different app, they would lose sight of your live feed. The new feature allows you to respond to a message or look up information on your phone without breaking off the chat.

WhatsApp first announced this capability in December of last year, saying it was testing picture-in-picture for iOS for video interactions with a select group of users. For this reason, probably, the “stable” versions of WhatsApp (also known as the “normal” versions) on all three systems may get an update that introduces a new feature. Amid this development, WhatsApp has now released the PiP video calling capability for iOS from beta to a stable channel (v23.3.77).

Finally, users of WhatsApp beta version have been warned that the program may crash while playing videos in chats or on status pages. But, there may be a method to fix this issue soon. If you have this issue you will have to have some patience until the fix reaches the app.

Upcoming changes

Whatsapp will soon roll out an update for iOS and Android that will let users annotate files they exchange with one another. In addition, the company is now testing a feature that would allow iOS users to exchange one hundred photographs or documents simultaneously. Everyone with the most current update for their Android smartphone installed may now make use of this feature.