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Xender for Android and iOS – Here’s Why You Should Try This App


There are some apps which can provide people with useful features and then there is Xender. This is a highly popular app in the Android and iOS communities that gives people access to the best file sharing features available in the business. Xender has been downloaded by millions of people in 2018 and today we are going to show you why by presenting the app’s top three features for Android and iOS smartphones.

Xender Supports Multiple Operating Systems

Xender is considered to be one of the fastest apps in the world when it comes to file sharing. However, this is not the best feature that the app has to offer. What makes Xender special when compared to similar apps is the fact that Xender can be installed on multiple operating systems.

The reason why this is so important is that it enables Xender users to share files between different operating systems such as Android and iOS, something which Google and Apple restrict their users from doing in the first place. Here are the operating systems that Xender supports;

  • Android;
  • iOS;
  • Tizen;
  • Windows PC;
  • Mac.

Say Goodbye to Cables

Another amazing feature that Xender has to offer is its ability to share files without ever needing a cable connection. Everyone who decides to give Xender a try can say goodbye to USB cables.

Supported Files

The last thing that we want to mention about Xender is the app’s ability to share all types of file formats. To make things even more impressive, Xender can share multiple file formats at the same time, something which competitor apps can’t do.

Final Words

Even though we presented only the top three features of Xender, everyone should know that Xender offers a plethora of other cool features and apps. Not only that, but Xender is free to use and everyone who wants to give it a try can do it right now.