Home Apps Xender Has Received a New Software Update (Improved UI and Performance)

Xender Has Received a New Software Update (Improved UI and Performance)


If Xender is one of your favorite apps, then you should be happy to know that a brand-new update started rolling out a couple of days ago. The update introduces lots of bug fixes that take the performances of Xender to the next level, thus helping the app share files at higher speeds than usual. We should also note that this latest update comes with a bunch of minor software tweaks that make the user experience of Xender more enjoyable.

New Xender Update

For those who are unfamiliar with Xender, this is an app that excels at sharing files. The cool thing about Xender is the fact that it doesn’t rely on Bluetooth or USB connections in order to share files because it does it through the NFC chip that comes pre-installed in smartphones. Therefore, Xender can share files way faster than all other apps and connecting to devices is much easier via NFC.

Improved Software Performance

The reason why all Xender fans should get the new update is because of the software improvisation tweaks that it brings. Even though some Xender fans might be disappointed to find out that the new update doesn’t come with any visual changes or new features, they should be pleased to know that software fixes are always better because they enhance the app’s overall performance.

Bug Fixes

Is there something more annoying other than trying to use an app and to have it randomly crash because of bugs? Even premium apps such as Xender have issues with bugs, but the great thing about Xender is that the developers who in charge of the app are never taking a break and they include bug fixes in every new Xender update.

With that being said, Xender fans who want to make sure that they are getting the best user experience and performance from the app should make sure to get their hands on the new update right now.