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Xender: Sharing Files with NFC is Faster and Simpler!


Don’t you hate it that you always have to connect your smartphone to another via Bluetooth in order to share files? This can be quite annoying, but things can get even worse because it’s basically impossible to send files from an Android smartphone to an iOS device without having to rely on a third-party app to get you over those operating system restrictions.

On the bright side of things, Xender is here to save the day. Today we are going to present the best features that Xender has to offer and highlight the fact that it can transfer important data between multiple smartphones without ever having to use a Bluetooth or USB connection.

Introducing Xender

If you never heard of Xender before, then you need to know that this app has been developed for the sole purpose of making it easier for people to transfer important data. The cool thing about Xender is the fact that it supports all types of files and thus, it gives people unlimited power.

NFC Port

What makes Xender stand out when compared to other similar apps that can also transfer files at fast speeds is that as previously mentioned, Xender doesn’t require a Bluetooth or USB connection. Instead of relying on those classic smartphone connecting methods, Xender uses the built-in NFC port that all smartphones feature.

Sharing Files At Fast Speeds

The fact that Xender uses the NFC port enables the app to share files at speeds that are much higher than what Bluetooth has to offer. Therefore, we have to give praise to Xender’s developers for coming up with an ingenious idea of sharing files at fast speeds while making sure no one has to go through the trouble of pairing their smartphone with a new device via Bluetooth or USB.